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Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Tigers in Danger

Just before few days I come to know that there are only around 1400 tigers remain in whole India. As you all know tiger is our national animal, and if we don’t take the count of their strength seriously, then after couple of years, it will be hard to find single tiger in India. After few generations, kids will not have chance to see our national animal lively, they can see only in pictures.

Since last few days I am watching advertisement in TV, they are trying hard to increase awareness of tiger saving, they suggest people to promote this matter all over India through sms, online networks, blogging etc.

As an India, I feel I should contribute to save tigers for our nation. I request you to give your contribution in this project. If you can’t create blog, if you can’t do online promotions, if you can’t do SMS, it’s ok… Just pass this blog to you friends, keep posting your valued thoughts for tiger saving, and follow this blog. Ask you friends to do the same.


  1. The Tiger is the spirit of the Indian jungle, the symbol of India's wilderness-one we are pledged to preserve. Their dwindling numbers have given environmentalists around the world enough reason to panic.
    The tiger thus becomes the symbol for the protection of all species on our earth since it is at the top of the food chain. This is why we sometimes call the tiger, an apex predator, an indicator of our ecosystem's health

  2. Yes we have to save tigers. Good work and please promote this blog. I am also Sr. SEO and I am happy to help if you have any work related to me.

  3. Yes its a noble thought to write a blog regarding saving of tigers in our country.Exact numbers of tigers left in our country is 1411 & if we dont take a step to save them, what will our future generations see? We can only tell our future generations dat there was a animal named tiger who was the national animal but now there are no tigers.

  4. Right step Nisha. Keep it up, I am always with you

  5. thank you guys for supporting my work and giving your valued contribution in saving tigers...
    please pass it to as many as you can

    Once again thanks!!

  6. Hi Ankita...it is really a noble effort to save such valuable wealth of our country!! Keep it up and best of luck!!

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  8. great efforts ,it motyvates me to do some thing like this .gud one.thanks.

  9. From you ,I knew that Tiger is your national animal.Now I can realise the reason for selecting the Tiger as a icon for a certain group.